Privacy policy of «Business Navigation» LLC

We strive to ensure the security and openness of the use of Business-Navigation LLC’s mobile apps (hereinafter referred to as «Mobile apps») in all available ways. The mobile app Owner hereby informs users about what information about the user can be accessed by mobile apps, as well as how the information obtained by mobile apps is used

Collecting and storing information

All types of data are collected and processed in order to provide the user with quality services. Information is stored on secure servers. Adequate technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure data security, including access control, firewalls, encryption, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for data transfer. Mobile apps do not aim to collect information aimed at identifying (identifying) specific individuals — users of mobile apps.however, in the process of using mobile apps, as well as as a result of actions taken by users to use their functionality, certain information about users becomes available to mobile apps, the list and purpose of which is given below.

Information directly provided by users

Mobile apps allow users to register an account by logging in using social network accounts (Vkontakte, Facebook). in this case, the mobile app can get information about the user name specified in the profile. This information can be used by mobile applications to ensure that they can get the necessary functionality according to the user’s rights.

Mobile applications can provide the user with the opportunity to fill in the data necessary only for creating a new user, including specifying the user’s nickname, phone number, and email address, and save them on their servers. You can’t send them to a third party.

Automatically received information

Mobile apps automatically save information about the location of the phone, determined by GPS/Glonass, as well as by the WIFI network, and the version of the mobile device’s operating system. The information collected in this way is used to analyze and maintain high-quality technical performance of mobile applications.

Personal information

Personal information is not collected.

Changes to the privacy policy

This privacy policy is subject to change. All changes made to this document will be published on this page.

If you have any additional questions or doubts about the privacy policy, the user can contact the mobile app Owner by e-mail:

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